Using a post driver safely

When it comes to fencing, post drivers save farmers a lot of time and physical effort.

The need to use a post driver is fairly rare for most, which can cause you to become unfamiliar with guidelines around operating them safely.

Here are some tips on how to use a post driver safely:

  • Make sure you have read and understand the manufacturers safety instructions
  • Inspect all guards before use
  • Be aware of the terrain
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) including hearing and eye protection
  • Look to see if the area is clear of hazards such as powerlines
  • If there are powerlines, keep a distance of 3 metres for up to 132,000 volts, 6 metres for 132,000 to 330,000 volts and 8 metres for above 330,000 volts
  • Make sure your tractor has the lifting capacity to operate and transport the post driver
  • Make sure you immobilise the post driver and put the hammer into the lowest position when it’s not in use

Making sure that you follow these steps will help ensure that you and all of your workers arrive home alive and well each night.

Have you had a close call when using post driver? Stephanie, a farmer from the south coast has. Watch her story now.