Staying in contact on the farm

Work on a farm can often mean working alone and being far away from the house.

Unfortunately, this also means you are far away from help if you find yourself in a tough situation.

It’s important to develop a good communication plan for your farm that uses more than one type of technology – so you’re covered even if your phone or device has no battery or reception.

Once your plan is established, it should become second nature for you and your workers.

A good farm communications system can include the use of:

  1. Two way radios
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Emergency beacons.

The most important thing to remember is to ensure all devices are kept fully charged at all times.

You and your workers should regularly stay in touch so that someone always knows:

  1. Where you are
  2. What route you’re travelling
  3. Who you’re with or if you’re alone, and
  4. When you’re expected home.

This can help with finding an injured person or giving directions quickly in an emergency.

You should also provide your workers with an emergency contact card that lists relevant emergency numbers (including 000) and the nominated emergency farm contact.

How do you stay in contact on your farm? Share your story with us.

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