Safety and farm machinery

Big machines such as tractors, augers and post-hole diggers offer immense value to the modern farming industry. That’s not to say however, that they’re without risk.

Tractor accidents in particular are highly represented when it comes to farm injury and fatality figures.
Here are some tips to help make sure you are working safely with machinery:

  • talk to others on the farm about staying safe when using farm machinery
  • plan the work – in most cases it may take only a few minutes to think it through
  • ensure that augers are properly guarded
  • ensure tractors are fitted with rollover protection structures
  • ensure machine danger points are guarded – e.g. post hole diggers and power take off (PTOs)
  • use safety gear including heavy boots, respiratory masks and eye protection
  • don’t wear loose clothing, jewellery or gloves when using rotating parts
  • stay in communication with others and let them know where you are working.

To hear a farmer recall a close incident with an auger which would have cost him his life but for his Mum answering the phone, watch Mark’s story.