Personal protective equipment on the farm

From operating machinery to working with livestock, farming can be dangerous work.

That’s why personal protective equipment (or PPE for short) is essential. PPE isn’t just helmets and goggles. Anything you use that protects you from harm, such as sunscreen, can be considered PPE.

As a guide, here are some PPE items that all farms should have on hand:

  • eye protection, like goggles, glasses and face shields
  • hearing protection, like ear plugs and ear muffs
  • foot protection, like safety shoes and boots, spats and rubber gum boots
  • head protection, like hard hats, helmets and broad brimmed hats
  • body protection, like aprons, overalls, gloves and high visibility clothing
  • sun protection like sunscreen

It is up to the farm manager to make sure that all workers have access to appropriate PPE.

Has your PPE ever protected you from harm? Share your story with us today.