Keeping your workers safe when working with livestock

On the farm, your employees are one of your greatest assets. It is important to keep them safe when working with livestock, as accidents can happen.

We all know that animals can be dangerous, especially if the people handling them are not well trained or confident.

As an employer, make sure that the following principles are followed on your farm to help keep workers alive and well:

  • Train your workers in the key principles of cattle and sheep handling
  • Closely supervise new and inexperienced workers
  • Avoid people working alone when loading or unloading stock
  • Ensure the operator is in a safe position when loading/unloading animals
  • When working indoors (e.g. in a shearing shed), ensure there is adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Reduce the risk of distraction – e.g. using a mobile phone – when working with livestock
  • Wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment
  • Have a first aid kit near the area of work

As ever, avoid taking any unnecessary chances with your safety, and the safety of your workers.

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