Keeping a register of injuries

If you employ workers on your farm, you need to keep a register of injuries. When a work-related injury or illness happens on the farm, no matter how small it may seem, it must be recorded.

Keeping a register of injuries helps you to systematically identify any hazards, so that you can take steps to remove them.

Everyone on the farm needs to have access to it.  You can keep a hard copy somewhere central on the farm or you can keep it digitally.

Whatever method you choose, all workers should be shown where to access it and how to record an incident during their induction

An injury register should include:

  • Details of the injured worker, including their name, address, age and occupation
  • Details of the injury, including the cause and the type of injury
  • The time, date and location of the injury
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Follow up details, including if the farm supervisor has been informed, if there was any treatment and if any further action is required
  • Details of who is providing the entry (if not the injured worker)

You must notify SafeWork NSW of any incident that results in death or serious injury or illness. You should also contact your insurer within 48 hours of that incident.

A record of each notifiable incident must also be kept on the farm and, although it’s not required by the legislation, it’s also a good idea to record 'near misses'. These can sometimes be considered a warning sign and may indicate a potential problem that could result in serious injury.

Don’t have an injury register on your farm yet? SafeWork NSW has an injury register template that you can download here.