Four tips for keeping your kids safe on your farm

Farms are a fantastic place to raise kids and teach them important skills such as work ethic and other key values. However, as we know, farms can be a dangerous place especially for young children who are not yet aware of the hazards and risks that some situations can bring.

Here are four tips to consider when you have kids on your farm.

1. Have a securely fenced yard on your farm to ensure children are not at risk

It is extremely important for your children to have a safe and secure play area on the farm. A securely fenced yard where children can play outside without being exposed to danger is a must. Visualise a fenced in backyard where children can play freely without getting out to the rest of the farm.

Having a secured play area is a great way to teach children about farm safety. Children should be taught that they have to stay in the safe play area unless an adult takes them out.

2. Use a latch on the gate that infants cannot easily use

Similarly to a pool gate, it is vital that you’re fenced in yard has a self-closing gate that includes a child-proof latch on the gate. There is not much point to having a secure fenced in year if your kids can open it themselves! A sign reminding people to “shut the gate” is an easy way to ensure the gate is always closed properly. 

3. Don’t let your kids ride on the back of tractors, Quad Bikes or Utes

While a vital part of farm life, farm vehicles are also a major cause of accidents and injury. Children should never be allowed to ride on the back of any farm vehicle or use farm vehicles.

If children are riding age appropriate motorbikes or even horses they should always wear the required safety equipment such as helmets and goggles.

4. Ensure your kids are supervised wherever they face risks

Risks are everywhere on a farm. Dams, livestock, machinery and vehicles are only a few aspects of farm life that pose a significant threat. Children should always be accompanied by an adult when they are outside the safe play area on a farm.

Adults need to always be aware of where children are and what they are doing when they are out and about on the farm.

Fill in this farm safety checklist to ensure that all aspects of your farm are safe for your children.

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