Injury at work? Here's what to do

As farmers, we depend heavily on our entire workforce pitching in to make sure the farm keeps ticking over. It can be extremely stressful for all parties if a worker is injured at work.

It makes good business sense to help your workers recover at work.Indeed, good farm management involves dealing proactively with work-related injuries.

If you’ve got an injured worker, or are the injured person, here are three key tips to help get you back to work on the farm:

1. Keep in touch with your worker or employer after an injury:

We’ve all heard it before; out of sight equals out of mind. It’s critical to maintain contact after a workplace injury or illness. Keeping open the lines of communication helps discussions around the support required to get better and the plans for a speedy return to work to flow. This simple step could be the difference between an worker returning to the farm quickly and safely, and them never returning at all.

2. Plan together for their recovery: 

Helping your workers to return to work as soon as possible is the key to a good recovery following an injury. As you provide support to an injured worker, talk about the jobs they could do while they recover at work. Whether that’s different duties or a different role for a while, getting a worker back in to the workplace will eventually make returning to their job much easier.

3. Talk to your workers comp insurer about help available:

There is help out there for workers and employers committed to recovering at work. For help in developing a return to work program and for more info, check out SafeWork NSW’s resources.  

To hear first-hand the experience of someone who was injured in the workplace, and made a safe and effective recovery at work watch Daniel’s story.