Be safe around power lines

For some of us, power lines are just a feature of the property we live and work on. However, that doesn’t mean that power lines aren’t dangerous - in fact, they can kill.

Taking extra care when working around power lines is vital. Follow these tips to keep alive and well near electricity:

  • Know the location of overhead and underground power lines, poles and stays on the property and their proximity to any work that is carried out
  • Be aware of specific requirements relating to working around power lines. Talk to your local electricity supplier
  • Complete a hazard assessment for each paddock and piece of machinery to be used.  Clearly some items like augers and harvesters are more are more prone to power line strikes. Irrigation pipes can also be a risk
  • Install visual markers in areas where electrical hazards are identified before you start work
  • Monitor weather conditions closely – power lines can sway in winds, sag as temperature increases and are difficult to see at dawn and dusk
  • Ensure all farm workers know the emergency procedures applicable for the work being carried out and the relevant emergency contacts.  It is particularly important that workers know what to do if they contact power lines
  • Stay well clear of damaged power lines.

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