Eight essentials for your next long journey

Australia’s rural and remote areas can have a reputation for being pretty scary places. Farmers are no stranger to these remote areas, however, often travelling huge distances to work, to other properties or even to do their groceries.

Therefore they must be well-prepared for breakdowns because even when an approximate whereabouts is known, rescue can take several days.

If you’re about to head off into the middle of nowhere, make sure you have the following eight things:

  1. Water: ensure you have enough water for at least five days. You can store this in a jerry on the rear bar or you can purchase 10 litre box of water from the supermarket.
  2. Sleeping bags or blankets: you may start your trip in shorts and a t-shirt, however, when the sun goes down the temperature will drop. So, having a sleeping bag with you will keep you warm and relatively comfortable until you’re rescued.
  3. Waterproof matches and lighter: you will need to light a fire to keep warm and to signal for help.
  4. First aid kit: make sure this kit is full of all of the usual supplies, as well as a snake bite bandage.
  5. Tent/tarp and rope: remote areas can have very few trees, so being able to make some shade will increase your comfort levels and if it rains you can catch some water.
  6. Shovel: a shovel will come in handy if you are bogged as you will be able to dig yourself out instead of having to use your hands, saving yourself a lot of time and energy.
  7. Satellite emergency communication device: every remote farmer should have one of these. They allow you to send a distress signal via satellite, such as a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).
  8. A map: yes, they still make these and they will come in handy if your GPS system fails because of no internet connection or a flat battery.

Have you ever been stuck in the sticks? Share your story with us and your advice could help to keep another farmer alive and well.