5 tips for recovering at work after an injury

The longer an injured worker has off work, the likelihood of them ever returning to work declines.

On our farms, we have an economic interest in ensuring that injured workers recover at work safely. Working helps a worker stay active which is an important part of their treatment and rehabilitation and can reduce the financial impact to the farm.

Employers must provide suitable work (where practical) when a worker is able to recover at work, either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Here are 5 tips for effectively supporting your worker to recover at work:

  1. Communicate with the worker, your insurer and their doctor (if possible). Staying connected throughout the recovery process will have a positive impact on your worker’s response to their injury
  2. Establish a common recover at work goal
  3. Identify, consult and offer suitable work – consider the tasks closest to your worker’s pre-injury duties as your first option
  4. Design a recover at work plan, which specifies the duties to be performed
  5. Monitor the worker’s progress and upgrade the recover at work plan until the worker has achieved their goal.

For more information on what to do and what to expect when your worker is injured, take a look at the State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s resources.