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  • Fiona Simson

    Fiona Simson from National Farmers Federation shares her safety insights

    President of the National Farmer’s Federation (NFF), Fiona Simson, is one busy woman with a world of farming wisdom under her belt.Here are four tips on how stay safe when working on farms.… Read more

  • Falls

    Preventing falls on the farm

    Falls are a very common cause of injuries on farms, especially for older farmers.Falls from heights can happen when you’re working on ladders, roofs, silos, machinery and haystacks. Read more

  • Saving lives by encouraging men to talk

    Depression is an illness which is far too common among farmers and their families. Former farmer from Burra in South Australia, Bill Stockman, battled the mental illness for three decades after a farm shooting accident when he was a teenager.Bill has since turned his life… Read more

  • Eight essentials for your next long journey

    Farmers are no stranger to remote areas, often travelling huge distances to work, to other properties or even to do their groceries. Therefore they must be well-prepared for breakdowns because even when an approximate whereabouts is known, rescue can take several days. Read more

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