Using machinery

Machines like tractors, augers and post-hole diggers make modern farming more efficient, but there are dangers involved, with many farmers being injured each year.

Farmers who’ve lived to tell the tale say it’s crucial to always remember the nine golden rules to prevent an incident:

  • Talk to others on the farm about staying safe when using farm machinery
  • Make sure your staff are trained in using equipment and supervised until competent
  • Plan the work – in most cases it may take only a few minutes to think through
  • Ensure that augers are properly guarded
  • Use rollover protection when using mobile plant like tractors
  • Ensure all safety guards, especially PTO shaft and auger guards are fitted and kept in good condition 
  • Use safety gear including gloves, heavy boots and eye protection
  • Don’t wear loose clothing, jewellery or gloves when using rotating parts
  • Stay in communication with others and let them know where you are working.

Mark’s story

Mark is a fifth generation stock and grain farmer from Tamworth in North West NSW. As an experienced farmer, Mark knows the dangers of working with machinery. Here, he recounts an incident with an auger that left him with serious injuries, and very nearly cost him his life. This is Mark’s story.