Kids on farms

Anything that could potentially hurt an adult on a farm, goes doubly so for a child. Kids can be exposed to the risk of drowning in dams, being kicked or thrown from a horse, being run over or falling from trucks, utes, quad bikes and motor bikes, as well as hazardous chemicals and machinery.

With farms being both a workplace and a home, keeping kids safe requires your commitment. Because their safety is your priority, it’s worth hearing what other farming parents recommend. Here are our five top tips:

  • Have a securely fenced yard on your farm to ensure children at not exposed to risks
  • Use a latch on the gate that infants can’t easily use
  • Don’t let your kids ride on the back of tractors, quad bikes or utes
  • Ensure your kids are supervised wherever they face risks
  • Teach them from a young age to wear a helmet when riding horses, motor bikes and quad bikes
  • Talk to others on your farm about how to keep kids safe
  • Lead by example. Kids are always watching what you do and don’t do.

Anna’s story

Anna is a lifelong farmer from southern NSW. As a farmer, and a mum, Anna knows the realities of raising kids on farms. Here, she recounts the frightening moment her young daughter disappeared on the farm. This is Anna’s story.