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  • Bitten by a snake on the farm?

    Australia is home to about 140 species of land snakes, many of whom live in rural settings. In NSW, brown snakes and tiger snakes are the most dangerous venomous snakes, with brown snake bites most common across Australia. Knowing what to do if a snake… Read more

  • Using quad bikes: 5 top tips

    Quad bike safety rebates doubled

    The NSW Government has doubled the value of rebates available to farmers for quad bike safety measures, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean announced today. Read more

  • fatigue

    Fatigue on the farm

    Fatigue can affect anyone, but farmers who work alone, often in the heat and for long hours without much rest are especially at risk.Unlike simply being tired, fatigue leaves you feeling drained. If you are experiencing fatigue, you might not be able work to your… Read more

  • Falls

    Preventing falls on the farm

    Falls are a very common cause of injuries on farms, especially for older farmers.Falls from heights can happen when you’re working on ladders, roofs, silos, machinery and haystacks. Read more

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